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Features of Swakara


High-end Fashion Choice

The most significant feature of a swa-kara pelt is its recessed grooves, which form a surface motif. The pattern of ridges is unique to each swakara pelt, which are at the same time soft and very appealing to touch. The shapes, dimensions, and combinations of swirls are the main characteristics which deter-mine the grading of a pelt. To obtain this quality, farmers classify the lamb for either breeding or pelt production right after birth.  

With swakara’s exclusive and lustrous sheen, combined with a truly distinctive pattern of compact curves and whorls, it comes as no surprise that it’s a favourite amongst designers and fur producers.

The natural colour palette of swakara consists of black, grey, white, brown, and spotted, but it is possible to find over 200 different variations in tone. A single grey coloured swakara pelt can even feature over five natural tones.

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