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Like a fingerprint, every swakara pelt is unique. Meticulous care is taken to produce lots that offer manufacturers the highest degree of uniformity in size, fibre formation, length, weight, quality, and pattern excellence, after the dressing process.

While the modern swakara assortment has been refined in theory to the level of a science, all measurements are made by hand and eye, and are therefore, subjective. The sorting of swakara, is and will remain an art: the product, of artisan, not machine. It is after all, a human hand and eye that will judge the finished garment.

Spending a little time to understand the basic elements by which, swakara pelts are assessed, will enable you to make informed decisions for choosing the ideal material for your design project.

Finding the ideal type and quality for your project, may not be the end of your search; price may also be an important consideration. It's important to know which attributes influence value. Quality, Pelt Size, Fibre Length, and Curl Development are all price sensitive; generally, the higher the quality, the flatter the curl development, and the shorter the fibre, the higher the price.

A market-related assortment does not go unnoticed by swakara’s breeders and producers, valuable market trends are followed and used to improve the breeding direction; therefore, resulting in products that are in a state of continual improvement.

We recommend all potential buyers to download the price list from the previous swakara auction; this provides an indication of the price relationships between grades, based upon last auction's level. For your convenience, price lists are included with every sale report.

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