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High-end Fashion

A high-end Fashion Choice

Swakara has been seen on the international catwalk and forms an integral part of designer couture produced by Karl Lagerfeld, Prada, Gucci, On Aura Tout Vu, Astrid Andersen, and Armani, as well as vintage collections designed by Elsa Schiaparelli and others.


With its velvety texture, Swakara pelts have become more versatile, lightweight, and reversible, with numerous styles also showing off their suede leather side. From winter coats, cocktail jackets, and boleros to inventive accents and trims, swakara is a fur perfect for high-end fashion.

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High-end Fashion Choice
Swakara White

Swakara White

Swakara’s premier colour is white, a type of pelt which has a natural milk colour. Only a few thousand of these milky white pelts are produced annually. White swakara is therefore one of the most sought-after and valuable fur pelts in the world market today.

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